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Unfair Mario Game

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4i1Unfair Mario is a bit different version of the popular old school Mario Game.  The graphics of the game as well as the sounds were created by Nintendo, that’s why they may seem familiar to you. Unfair Mario is a game, where you are not safe any moment you walk on the ground or jump on the bricks.   According to the name of the game, you may find out that the game is really unfair. You may walk on the ground, but it may fall down. Or even worse, you may jump on the brick but instead of safe place, you may find your death.

Unfair Mario is a very addicting flash game. The player in this game should only rely on his memory to remember which places of the level are safe and which are not.  Your mission in this game is to reach the flag, but during the level you will reach checkpoints, that will help you a lot – you won’t start the level from the beginning.

It is really simple to play unfair mario, the main controls that you may use are : Up, Left and Right Arrows on you keybord, and SpaceBar to start the game when you die. All in All, there are 10 very difficult levels in this game, I spend half an hour to pass the first one only.  Hope you will enjoy this great game and share it with your friends.